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Whether you're just testing out the waters, or are serious about making change - we've got something for you. 

FREE 7-day email kickstart

You're not yet sure if you want or can make a change to your eating habits? 

Then try your FREE 7-day email kickstart to mindful habits. You get inspirational daily tips directly into your inbox with no strings attached.

Support program

You know that you need someone to follow through with your personal goals?

Book one of our support packages with email and 1-2-1 sessions combined in a package that fits your needs. We're your accountability buddy!


You want to make real change but you're short on time? 

Join our e-course that you can follow at your own pace. You get worksheets and regular tips (including video and audio) by email. Share your successes and questions with other course participants in a Facebook group. What's best: You meet like-minded people!

What others say about us

So thanks for helping me be mindful again. I had not really done that in over one year and had put on about 10 to 15 pounds. Now I am down about 5 pounds so I feel pretty good.


Canada, e-course

Through a friendly conversation, I was quickly able to clearly pinpoint my specific area of concern. Her approach is clear and effective – I was able to make changes to my eating habits right away and because the goals set were attainable, I have been maintaining these habits ever since.


Canada, one-to-one coaching

I have follow­ed the challenges and I am currently fee­ling so much more in control of the food I am putting in my body - and enjoying it!


United Kingdom, 7-day email challenge

I've never felt so motivated to change my life and diet before! One quick session with Chantal opened my eyes. She makes me realize what habits I have and gave me great tips on how to change my lifestyle. I feel so pumped and motivated to live a happier and healthier life! That was amazing! Thank you for your support!


Canada, one-to-one coaching

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