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How often have you thought that it’s finally time to make a real change to your eating habits? And how often have you felt ashamed because you didn’t manage to pull through – again?

Usually, we plan to make a change when the guilt is biggest, for example after celebrations like birthdays and weddings. Or after holidays like Christmas and Easter when we meet family and friends over brunch, lunch, coffee or dinner.

We have strong habits when it comes to eating, and even more so when it comes to meeting or celebrating with family. Why don’t we meet once in a while for some fun action – hunt a geocache or do an escape room game or simply go for a walk?

Instead, we meet for food. We find ourselves stuck in the habit of never saying no to Mum putting another serving on our plate although we’re full because we don’t want to hurt her feelings. We prepare a heavy dessert to impress the niece although nobody would’ve needed one. We are constantly in the habit of talking about what we should or shouldn’t eat, “Oh, I shouldn’t have another plate/cake/drink/dessert/…”, which brings on guilt because we eat it anyways. Or, “tomorrow, I’ll start having a salad for lunch every day”, which brings more guilt because after day 3 you cannot stand this salad anymore.

Watching documentaries about healthy food is not the same as changing habits.

Buying cookbooks is not the same as changing habits.

Watching recipe videos on Facebook is not the same as changing habits.

Reading blog posts about healthy habits is not the same as changing habits.

To make a change, we actually need to do something. We need to say yes to the additional apple for breakfast.  And if we have that heavy dessert, we need to enjoy every bite of it, without the guilt.

To succeed, we don’t do everything at once; we need to make the change enjoyable. We need to take it one day at a time. Take your first step now and sign up  for our FREE 7-day challenge! You’ll get tips on how to make little changes with big impact. This time, you’ll do more than reading. It’s easy but you need to start to make something happen.

It’s time to make a change. Now. No excuses.

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